What are the benefits of a Home Theater System?

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As we spend more time at home, there is more focus on making our homes more tech-savvy and convenient. There is more investment in technology with working from home being in higher demand. Being home is safer these days due to the current public health pandemic.  This means that we will be doing most of our entertainment at home. If it's safer to entertain at home, you could invest by installing an Audio Visual (AV) home theater system. What are some benefits of a home theater system?

1. Increases your value - The home theater adds class and space, as well as increasing your property value. The system is tailor-made to your specific needs.

2. Bring the cinema experience home - Whether we are or not able to go to a movie theater, you can replicate the cinema experience at home with an AV system.

3. Feeling present at a live event - An AV home system provides the sound and visuals of a live concert or sporting event without leaving your home. The surround sound puts you in the event.

4. All parts are connected - The AV system design brings your TV and music equipment together for easy access and home automation. With one remote control, you have access to your live stream services, music, gaming, and any other electronic device. 

5. Organizing small gatherings with ease - You can have a family movie night or family sports night with ease with a specifically-designed home theater system.

How to Plan Your Home Theater System 

Now that you know the benefits of having an AV system at home, there is a process in getting the best in your investment. Here are some tips on how to plan the best system for your needs.

1. The cost of the system - You can go small and have a media room, where you connect all of your media devices. Another option is designing an actual home theater room. Both rooms allow you to match your budget and layout of your home.

2. Research the best layout - Take time to look at popular layouts for your specific room or area. The main idea is to look at your sightlines. These are used to make sure you, your family, and others can see your screens clearly. Also think about comfort of you and others in the room.

3. Lighting of the room - The room needs adequate lighting, so you can have the best visual experience of the screens.

4. Protecting your power supply - It's best to look at what wiring when creating your audio visual system design. This is needed to prevent any power outages while using your system.

5. Choosing the right screen size - Screen size matters when it comes to the type of projection you have. If you have a front projector, you can use a regular HDTV or a full movie screen. 

6. Creating a sound layout - The next step is choosing your speakers for your surround sound. You need to decide where to place the speakers in the room. Select the channels to use for each type of speaker, whether for music or movies. 

7. Home theater receiver selection - The receiver is the heart or center of the AV system. It manages both the audio and visual connections to provide the best quality for your enjoyment. 

8. Service system components - When you decide what equipment you have, explore the actual services you want, including cable, internet, and streaming services for the AV system.

9. Calibrate your system - Make sure you calibrate the system for even sound and visual effects for the best results.

10. Think about a deeper sound - If you want a deeper sound, or more bass, think about adding a subwoofer. The subwoofer enhances the surround sound of your room.

11. Enhance the center channel and acoustics -The center channel is the most important speaker in the system. Check out the acoustics of the room, making sure there is not an echo in the room. 

This plan helps you get the best Audio Visual installation for your home, so you can enjoy your music, TV, and movies at your convenience. It is important to research pricing for all the equipment, based upon your budget and room size.

If you are tech-savvy and like DIY projects, you would consider installing the home theater system yourself. However, if you do not have extensive knowledge of electrical wiring and connecting multi-layered systems, it's best to seek professional services. Professional technicians would install things accurately, keeping your home safe from any possible dangers.

Here are some factors to think about when selecting a home theater installation professional:

1. Handling of intricate details - Make sure the professional gives specifics on wiring and does specific measurements of seating and optimal speaker placement.

2. Placement of major equipment - Professionals give the best designs in TV mounting, lighting placement, and remote-control programming. The professional can also help with placement of your computer and other electronic equipment for ultimate quality of sound and visual appeal.

3. Ask for design estimates - Seek out estimates or quotes based upon your budget and layout. You should also ask for deadlines and how much is needed for a down payment to get started.

AV system professionals provide a wide variety of services. They can install satellite dishes, computer networking, TV wall mount, among other services. Professionals also install smart home systems, which automates and links the usage of electronic devices.

If you're working from home, a professional can help you separate your work area from your entertainment area. This separation helps end your workday and not have constant reminders of work, during your free time.

If you live in the Washington DC area, make AIVI Global your choice in AV system professionals for your home. AIVI Global also works with commercial customers to create the best AV solutions. The company uses Klipsch products in their system designs and other tech companies.

AIVI Global provides a variety of services for commercial and residential AV solutions. The packages offer designs in smart homes, home theater and security systems. AVIV offers prices that can fit those of us on a tight budget who want to make their home a great entertainment getaway from the world.

Contact AIVI Global today to create an AV system design for your residential or commercial audio/visual needs.

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