Smart WiFi LED Bulb Kit Tunable White 60 Watt Equivalence 3 pk-AIVI-X

Smart WiFi LED Bulb Kit Tunable White 60 Watt Equivalence 3 pk

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Automate your home with an app on your phone. It's easy. Simply download the Globe Suite™ App, sync your smart device and get your home automation started. The Globe Electric smart starter kit includes two smart LED bulbs and one smart plug. Place the bulbs in any non-dimmable fixture and sync them with the app to create the perfect mood for any situation. Dim the lights when you're getting ready for bed, brighten the lights gradually as you wake up, create a fully bright space for working - light your home your way. The smart plug is just as easy to integrate into your life. Place it in the living room to have a lamp turn on when you get home or put it in your kitchen to make your simple coffee machine turn on when you wake. Perfectly hands-free, control your plug and bulb with the sound of your voice using your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The world is your oyster, open it up to see what can be achieved.
  • Control all your smart devices using just your smartphone with the free Globe Suite App
  • Simply screw in your Smart Bulb like you would any other bulb, pair it to your Globe Suite App and away you go
  • Using your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you can control your connected lights, appliances and smart bulbs with just the sound of your voice making your life a whole lot easier
  • With a small profile, this smart plug won't block the other wall outlet, letting you use two devices at once
  • Tailor your lighting ambiance to each room
  • Simply download the app, connect to your home Wi-Fi and sync your devices
  • Automatically dim your bulb for a romantic dinner or brighten your bulb for working in the office or kitchen
  • Dimmable and tunable from a warm white 2000 kelvin to a bright white 5000 kelvin
  • warranty: 2 yrs.

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